Saturday, July 30, 2011

just a pair of shoes

Recently I was tooo lazyyy and toooo busy to write anything. So wanna post just some nice photos.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I was hardly trying to chose my favourite bag, but they are all all all great! wich would you chose?)






Saturday, July 23, 2011


My dear Mario Testino managed to create very naturally chic campaign for new Michael Kors collection.

"Night Fever – Karmen Pedaru and Simon Nessman return for the fall 2011 campaign from Michael Kors lensed by Mario Testino. Joined by Taylor Fuchs, the couple gets ready for a night out on the town complete with a limo ride and Kors’ seventies glam designs."

Pure essence of elegance, glamour and style

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Here we go again ...
After filing lawsuits against Yves Saint Laurent andCarmen Steffens over claims that they copied his signature red soles, Christian Louboutin has found a new target: Dior.
In court papers filed July 19, the footwear designer demands a court order in an attempt to stop the fashion house’s rumored plans to release its own collection of red-soled shoes, the New York Post reports.
A private investigator hired by Louboutin, Roman Khaykin of InfoTactic Group, stumbled upon Dior’s alleged plans when a sales clerk at the latter’s 57th Street store in NYC dished that the brand was “planning to make red-soled shoes with matching uppers for the next season.”
Not on Louboutin’s watch! The Frenchman is hoping that the courts will prevent copycats from adopting crimson heels, which he claims violates his trademark.
“A flood of red soles in high-fashion women’s footwear creates the danger that Louboutin’s goodwill, market prominence, and fame will be destroyed,” he says in his latest court filing.
Yves Saint Laurent has already filed a counter-suit against the designer, and says he shouldn’t have the right to “monopolize any color.”

Well... does it mean to say, that now everything can be patented...  round heels, sharp heels platforms, black-soled shoes, yellow-soled shoes, etc...and at the same time Louboutin has it's  right and it's reson. It is complicated... isn't it?

Monday, July 18, 2011

new style


Recently we  had a pleasure to admire new campaigns of two fabolous brands Gucci and Tom Ford.
Pictures are gorgeous. 
Very Marcus&Mert colors (they worked for both companies), very TOP models, very red lips, very GUCCI, very TOM FORD. Enjoy and play the game find 10  distinctions!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Christian Dior Couture ss 2012!

I really loved. loved. loved this collection. Incredible constructions of forms and silhouettes with plisses and  draparies and colors! 
Masterful job, Bill Gaytten!
we already love you)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Reflections about contemporary fashion world (Azzedine Alaia, Anna Wintour, Franca Sozzani)


I suppose, most of you has already read the Azzedine Alaia interview for Virgine Magazin. If not, read it! 
He shares his thoughts about fashion and makes some scandalous statements. 
Well, actually, Alaia was always standing aside from the fashion system. He made his shows when he wanted and as he wanted. He is one of those free artists in a very market-oriented fashion. And, surprisingly, he manages to sale a lot and his brand at the and has a very strong marketing policy. This is a good examole of how to make publicity without actually making it
So, here some quotes of the interview:

" The system imposed Galliano, and others, to make four collections for him, four collections for the house, four for men, and four for women. When you have one idea per year, it’s already a miracle! Now, it has become crafty fiddling at a breakneck pace. That’s not the essence of fashion. How can you really be creative under these circumstances? For the young designers it’s very hard, and for the more mature, they drink more, take more drugs… what I am saying is that the system is not right. We have to see the work from another angle. The system is too stressful: too many collections, too much pressure. "

" If you want to do a good creative job, it takes time. I don’t want to end up senile, old, and destroyed by fashion. I am privileged because I really do what I want to, at my own pace."

"How do you feel about Karl Lagerfeld?
I don’t like his fashion, his spirit, his attitude. It’s too much caricature. Karl Lagerfeld never touched a pair of scissors in his life. That doesn’t mean that he’s not great, but he’s part of another system. He has capacity. One day he does photography, the next he does advertisements for Coca-Cola. I would rather die than see my face in a car advertisement. We don’t do the same work. And I think that he is not doing a favor to young stylists who might think it works that way. They’re going to fall before they retire."

"You have some problems with Anna Wintour?
I said it before. She runs the business (Vogue) very well, but not the fashion part. When I see how she is dressed, I don’t believe in her tastes one second. I can say it loudly! She hasn’t photographed my work in years even if I am a best seller in the U.S. and I have 140 square meters at Barneys. American women love me; I don’t need her support at all. Anna Wintour doesn’t deal with pictures; she is just doing PR and business, and she scares everybody. But when she sees me, she is the scared one. [Laughs.] Other people think like me, but don’t say it because they are afraid that Vogue won’t photograph them. Anyway, who will remember Anna Wintour in the history of fashion? No one. Take Diana Vreeland, she is remembered because she was so chic. What she did with the magazine was great, with Avedon and all the great photographers. Vogue remains while its fashion editors come and go."

I always considered  Anna as an indispitable authority. As far as Vogue.  Caught every her word.  And now I just asked myself: why? does she really deserve this attitude?
Let's have a look at  her style and some particularly doubtful looks.

Maybe everyone has a right on mistake, even the sun has its spots as they say.  The only thing I am thinking about is the fact that there is no indisputable authority in this world and we all have to think with our heads and make our choices sometimes. This is it. 

And then I thought about Sozzani.  A great woman with a great view. I had a pleasure to meet her once and was extremely fascinated by her style, elegance and simplicity at the same time. And beauty. Interior and Exterior. Could it be, that it is her, indisputable authority? Who knows...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wanelo - find unique products in one place!

I have recently found a very nice SITE. I think I spent an hour waching different crazy things, I just couldn't stop!) It will bring you a great mood and so many ideas!!! Here are some photos I liked a lot!) enjoy!!

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