Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thermo Repair milk by L'Oreal Professionnel - best treatment for damaged hair

This is one of beauty must-have this summer! New replenshing cream, which makes your hair soft and shiny. Your hair is full of health and look really gorgeous. It is the best thing if you have mediterranian curly hair and straighten it often. The price is about 20 euro and it is definately worth it.
I used it quite a number of times and already see the collossal effet!

Print it! Prints in menswear collections 2012!

MFW in Paris and Milan has something in comon: prints. everywhere. Silk,knitwear,coton! PRINTS WITHOUT LIMITS! Adore all of them. These are my favourite:

Jean Paul Gaultier
          Burberry Prorsum



Monday, June 27, 2011

Conrad Leadley -independentmen model full of british charm

Yesterday I had a pleasure to meet new british model Condrad Leadley. He is in Milan even after fashion week. Condrad was telling me, that he is going well in Italian Fashion Capital. He lisps, plays the guitar, drinks a lot and speaks little. This week he did Alexander McQueen . He was that proud of being a part of Fred Perry campaign, that he made a FredPerry tatoo. Actually, I did not believe him first, but then discovered it was real. 
Alexander McQueen Spring 2012 Menswear

Enjoy our short interview!

-How did you become a model?

-Well, very simply. I was found by the booker in yhe streets of London. Most of  guys become models this way.  Usually, those people, who come to the agency and offer themselves do not have success. 

-Are you
afraid of the unstable future?

-Ahhaa, why? I live my life. I am fine. I travel a lot. When you are model you get everything for free. You have lots of fun.

-Do you study?

-I do not.  I dont really have time. Apart from modelling I am working on my music. We have a group in England. It is very english music.

-No doubts. The most fashion city?

-London. It is the most city in the world. I am a patriot.

-Thank you! We wish you good luck!)


Fashion Food or Food Haute Couture

  Еда haute couture — Фотография на Look At Me

I have just found these photos of swedish photographer Linus Morales and they made me smile. He usually make publicity, but this is his creative project with the name "Fabfood". The artist wanted to show that fashion has become a part of our life. As a morning toast or evening steak. Fashion is everywhere, isn't it...?

Versace copies Prada

 These days everybody was talking about the collaboration between Versace and H&M. As you can see the new collection is going to be very Versace. The consumer get a unique opportunity to get brend icons for an extremely democratic price. This is why this deal supposed to be very succesful, probably even more succesful of that with Lanvin. In that case you were buying Lanvin's style with H&M quality for Zara price. This time you will probably buy the status of Versace with H&M quality for the same Zara price.

Well, I've made all this preface for some reasons. 
Yesterday I was passing beside Versace's showcase and noticed this skirt, wich recalled me a lot the dress from last Prada's super-sucessful collection ss 2011. Unfortunately, I didn't find this skirt in Versace's lookbook, but I managed to take a picture of it. I think the concept is too similar to not being considered as a copy, isn't it?What I wanted to say, is that we all know, recently fashion has become less artistic and more commercial. Brends are too scared to risk, to create somtheng new. They just copy, or repeat everything that had success. They just use the brand identity as an instrument to sale more and more. And it is already difficult to say, who copies whom. I do not judge or blame anyone. I just hope, that commercialisation of fashion as an industry won't stop the development of fashion as an art.

Fashion markets in Milan

If you come to Milan you probably go to Quadrilatero della moda. Then maybe you will go to 10 Corso Como. You will spend a lot and you will definately get what you wanted to get. I don't show you the alternative way, I show you one more must-see place  - Mercati Milanesi.  Here you can find a long and boring list of markets. I advice you to visit only some of them.

Probably, the biggest market in Milan. It is enormous and full of terrible chinese shops. You can find it there every tuesday and saturday. Whatever the case it is worth seeing. I found there my favourite summer bag just (3 euro), this  Jean Paul Gaultier top(15 euro) and chainy necklace (1euro!).

I like this market.It works every thursday. Actually it is full of flowers and fruits, and fresh fish and other delicacy. But i found there some cool vintage things:

roccobarocco knitwear pencil-skirt
indian bloomers( have a look at d&g ss 2012 menswear)

roccobarocco plastic bag( 3euro only)

Mercato piazza Martini.
Good big market, full of shoes and old designer's clothes. Beautiful athmosphere, funny persons. It is considered as the biggest one. Every Wednesday.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We were all looking forward to this great event  and finally it has arrived! The best models from all over the world are coming in Italy s fashion capital to make a show! For two weeks trams, streets, shops will be full of handsome, stylish boys.  I have a pleasure to meet some of them and to see what is the real life behind the scene. These 2 weeks we will pass in the company of these 3 guys. They are at the very beginning, new faces, as they say. I will try to show you  their life, following them during the day and very soon you will be able to read here detailed reports and interviews. Enjoy!!!( I am already enjoying)




Monday, June 6, 2011


Extremely enjoyed this video. Beautiful light, beautiful b&w, beautiful people, beautiful music. Isn't it perfect?
Adore Karim Sadli - young, but very talented french photographer.  His photos definitely have soul inside. Karim has already worked for Vogue Paris, Dazed&Confused, I-D, Love and collaborated with Yves Saint Laurent, Celine, Givenchy. There is no doubts, he has a brilliant future.

Enjoy! :)
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