Monday, June 27, 2011

Conrad Leadley -independentmen model full of british charm

Yesterday I had a pleasure to meet new british model Condrad Leadley. He is in Milan even after fashion week. Condrad was telling me, that he is going well in Italian Fashion Capital. He lisps, plays the guitar, drinks a lot and speaks little. This week he did Alexander McQueen . He was that proud of being a part of Fred Perry campaign, that he made a FredPerry tatoo. Actually, I did not believe him first, but then discovered it was real. 
Alexander McQueen Spring 2012 Menswear

Enjoy our short interview!

-How did you become a model?

-Well, very simply. I was found by the booker in yhe streets of London. Most of  guys become models this way.  Usually, those people, who come to the agency and offer themselves do not have success. 

-Are you
afraid of the unstable future?

-Ahhaa, why? I live my life. I am fine. I travel a lot. When you are model you get everything for free. You have lots of fun.

-Do you study?

-I do not.  I dont really have time. Apart from modelling I am working on my music. We have a group in England. It is very english music.

-No doubts. The most fashion city?

-London. It is the most city in the world. I am a patriot.

-Thank you! We wish you good luck!)


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