Monday, June 27, 2011

Versace copies Prada

 These days everybody was talking about the collaboration between Versace and H&M. As you can see the new collection is going to be very Versace. The consumer get a unique opportunity to get brend icons for an extremely democratic price. This is why this deal supposed to be very succesful, probably even more succesful of that with Lanvin. In that case you were buying Lanvin's style with H&M quality for Zara price. This time you will probably buy the status of Versace with H&M quality for the same Zara price.

Well, I've made all this preface for some reasons. 
Yesterday I was passing beside Versace's showcase and noticed this skirt, wich recalled me a lot the dress from last Prada's super-sucessful collection ss 2011. Unfortunately, I didn't find this skirt in Versace's lookbook, but I managed to take a picture of it. I think the concept is too similar to not being considered as a copy, isn't it?What I wanted to say, is that we all know, recently fashion has become less artistic and more commercial. Brends are too scared to risk, to create somtheng new. They just copy, or repeat everything that had success. They just use the brand identity as an instrument to sale more and more. And it is already difficult to say, who copies whom. I do not judge or blame anyone. I just hope, that commercialisation of fashion as an industry won't stop the development of fashion as an art.

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